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How does the Toll4Europe OBU work?

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This is how the Toll4Europe OBU works: OBU Video.

What does EETS mean?

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EETS means "European Electronic Toll Service" and serves to create a Europe-wide electronic toll service. The aim is to create a toll solution that enables users ("EETS users") to obtain a toll device (On Board Unit, also "OBU") from an approved service provider ("EETS provider") that is compatible with all systems of the connected European toll areas ("EETS domain") across national borders and technologies. Each EETS Provider is subject to strict registration and certification procedures and its service must comply with all relevant EU regulations and national laws.

What are the benefits of EETS?

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For toll collection in Europe, the customer will only need one On Board Unit (OBU) in the future - instead of many different ones. Thanks to EETS, the customer can invoice the charges for the different toll areas in Europe via a clear collective invoice and only one contractual partner.

Which countries are covered by the Toll4Europe EETS service?

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The Toll4Europe services include the countries Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Denmark (Storebælt bridge) and Sweden (Øresund bridge) as well as the tunnels Liefkenshoek, Herrentunnel and Warnowquerung. Continuous expansion will take place for countries such as Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Norway.

What kind of services are bookable at Toll4Europe?

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  • With the Toll4Europe solution you can book flexibly: first try out a toll area, add more or use them all together.
  • The current country coverage of the Toll4Europe service:
    • Germany
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Portugal
    • Bulgaria
    • Austria
    • Spain
    • Hungary
    • Tunnels (Liefkenshoek, Warnow and Herren tunnels)
    • Italy
    • Switzerland
    • Poland
    • Slovakia
    • Scandinavian bridges Storebælt (Denmark) and Øresund (Sweden)
  • “Over-the-air" and "non-stop" activation of the desired toll areas make booking services simple and flexible - without stopping at other service providers or having to replace the OBU at a later date.
  • The fast, self-installation of the OBU on the windscreen of the vehicle and the simple handling of the OBU, make the solution immediately usable.

How can I book the Toll4Europe EETS service?

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Registration for the Toll4Europe EETS service is done through dedicated Toll4Europe sales and service partners. The user or transport company must provide the relevant customer and vehicle data when registering. The sales and service partners take care of the technical registration and assign a T4E OBU to each vehicle. When registering for the T4E EETS service, the desired toll services must be selected for the toll areas that the customer wishes to use.

Once all relevant data has been transferred to the system, the T4E OBU can be personalized for individual use. The personalization process involves updating the T4E OBU with the necessary software, user and vehicle data and toll area parameters. Personalization is done “over the air” via the mobile network as soon as the T4E OBU is installed in the vehicle and connected to the power supply.

What has to be considered when using the Toll4Europe OBU?


The Toll4Europe EETS service can be booked for one or more countries (as a "toll service" for dedicated toll areas). The selection of Toll4Europe's bookable toll services is constantly growing and can easily be added.

For each toll area, only one OBU should be in operation at a time to avoid the risk of multiple payments. This means that as soon as the Toll4Europe OBU is activated for the toll area, the previously used OBU can be switched off and removed.

It is the driver's duty to know the toll area-specific requirements in the respective country. In some toll areas, it is the driver's responsibility to enter additional, necessary data on the OBU or to update existing data.

This applies, for example, to data that can change during the journey (e.g. the number of trailer axles, maximum permissible total weight). T4E provides toll area-specific short instructions as well as a training video for the services bookable with Toll4Europe.

When is the T4E OBU ready for operation?


The OBU is ready for operation as soon as it is attached to the windscreen and connected to the power supply. The OBU is also initialized when the engine is started. After the necessary data has been loaded, the LED display switches to green.

What happens if the OBU status indicator lights up red?


If the OBU status indicator lights up red, please read the message on the OBU display carefully.
The following are the most common reasons for a red status indicator.

  1. The driver is currently in an area where no EETS toll service has been booked via Toll4Europe. The driver can view all booked toll services for the vehicle via the OBU menu, and can if needed book additional toll services via his sales partner.
  2. If T4E does not yet offer a toll service for the area being driven in or the toll service is not available via EETS, the driver must use the national toll service of another service provider. If there is no obligation to pay a toll in the area, the driver can continue driving.
  3. If a technical error message is displayed on the OBU, the driver must pause his journey and contact his service partner. The driver will receive appropriate support via telephone from customer support.

Who should I contact when the LED ring is red?


If the LED ring is permanently red, please contact your sales partner.

Can the OBU be used for private purposes on vehicles over 3.5t?


Toll4Europe and its distribution partners offer the T4E toll box for companies using vehicles over 3.5t.

When is it worth switching from a national OBU to an EETS OBU?


Replacing a large number of toll boxes with a single OBU increases visibility through the windscreen in the driver´s cab. If you or your customers are travelling within more than one country, it's worth switching to the Toll4Europe EETS Box, allowing you to handle everything through a single contractual partner and without the need to serve a number contracts and invoices. With its EETS service, Toll4Europe reduces complexity.

Where can I buy the Toll4Europe On Board Unit?


The Toll4Europe OBU is not sold individually but is made available to customers via sales partners as part of a service package.

Who can use the Toll4Europe EETS Service?


Depending on the country Toll4Europe's EETS service can be used for all toll vehicles from 3.5t or 7.5t. System access and the corresponding OBU can be ordered from our sales partners. They take care of your questions regarding registration, OBU ordering and billing as well as all other matters.

How do I dispose of the On Board Unit when I no longer need it?


The OBU and any other available components (leads, batteries etc.), should be packed carefully to ensure no damage during transport and returned to:
c/o Arvato Supply Chain Solutions SE
W.-G.-Freund Str. 6
06188 Landsberg
If returning multiple devices, note should be taken of any requirements regarding the transportation of Lithium Ion Batteries.
Never dispose of this product in household garbage!

Where can I get further safety instructions about the OBU?


For further safety information, please contact either your sales partner or use the contact form on our website.

Is there a detailed operating manual for the Toll4Europe OBU?


In the download area of our website you will find the OBU quick guide as well as the OBU parameters. If you need more detailed information about the OBU please contact your sales partner or send us an e-mail via the contact form on our website.

Where can I find the serial number of the Toll4Europe tollbox?


The serial number of the OBU can be found via the OBU menu item "OBU Information".

There is also a sticker on the back of the device. To do this, the device must be removed from the OBU cradle.

What is the tariff key in Germany about?


Toll4Europe provides the road user with the tariff rates related to the different characteristics of the tariff key according to the current version of the tariff model defined in EETS legislation for Germany by the Federal Logistics and Mobility Office (BALM). The tariff vector will be used on the itemized trip list (Einzelfahrtennachweis) to refer to the details of the applied tariff. On the itemised trip list there is already shown a short explanation:

Description Tariff-ID: #GAKOOZZCC

G - Gewichtsklasse (weight class)
A - Achsklasse (axles class)
K - Kategorie (category)
OO - Ortsklasse (location class)
ZZ - Zeitklasse (time class)
CC - CO2 Klasse (CO2 class)

The new toll tariffs for Germany, valid from 01.01.2023, can be found here: BALM website

What alternative payment options do I have in the different toll areas if the OBU does not work?



Austria (ASFINAG): Get a local pre-pay OBU (GO-Box) issued by ASFINAG. There are many point of sales close to the toll roads before crossing the border into Austria. In case the vehicle drove already some kilometers on the toll road network, the driver can pay the missing toll (retroactive payment) at the next point of sale, where he also gets a local OBU. Alternative method can be paid at the point of sale in cash or with credit / fleet card.


Belgium (VIAPASS): Get a local OBU issued by the national provider Satellic. The customer can obtain an OBU at one of the 120 distribution points (Satellomats) at the border and in Belgium and can return it when leaving Belgium to get the deposit back. There is no extra charge for this. Alternative method can be paid in cash or with credit / fuel card.


Belgium Liefkenshoek tunnel: Use the local service provider for manual payment via cash or credit / fuel card.


Bulgaria (RIA): Buy a road ticket / vignette via the internet and at a point of sales. Alternative method can be paid in cash or with debit / credit card.


Germany (BALM): Book your trip via the online portal of Toll Collect. This is possible up to 24 hours in advance of the trip. The online ticket can be paid by credit / fuel card.


German tunnels (Herrentunnel and Warnowquerung): Use the local service provider for manual payment via cash or credit / fuel card. Herrentunnel can just be paid by fleet cards.


France (ASFA): Use the alternative lane on motorways for manual toll collection. The toll can be paid by cash or by credit / fuel card.


Hungary (NUSZ): Buy a road ticket via the internet and at a point of sales. Alternative method can be paid in cash (at point of sale), with credit / fuel card or via online booking.


Italy (AISCAT): Use the alternative lane on motorways for manual toll collection. The toll can be paid by cash or by credit / fuel card.


Poland (KAS): Download the "e-TOLL PL" mobile app. The app will transform your mobile device into an OBE which can be used for tolling purposes in Poland. Be aware that the mobile app must be paired with your own private e-TOLL account. Alternative method can be paid in cash (pre-paid account top-up at point of sale), with credit / fuel card (linked to private account of end-customer) or via online booking.


Portugal (APCAP): Use the alternative lane on motorways for manual toll collection. The toll can be paid by cash or by credit / fuel card.

Denmark Sweden

Scandinavian bridges (Øresund and Storebælt): Pay manually at the Toll Plaza in cash (yellow lanes) or via credit / fuel card (blue and yellow lanes). This is valid both at Øresund and at Storebælt bridge.


Slovakia (NDS): Get a local OBU from Skytoll (prepay and postpay available). A registration upfront is recommended but not necessary. The OBU can be picked up at a Point of Sale.


Spain (SEOPAN): Use the alternative lane on motorways for manual toll collection. The toll can be paid by cash or by credit / fuel card.


Switzerland (BAZG): The vehicle must be registered by the driver at a customs office when entering Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein for the first time. The registration form must be completed on the basis of the vehicle documents. The driver is then issued with a vehicle-specific identification card (ID card), which enables simple and quick clearance at the border. At the next entry, the driver must register the entry using the ID card and stating the mileage and trailer condition. The following means of payment are possible: fuel card, cash payment incl. debit and credit cards (e.g. Maestro or VISA card), Note: A payment method processing fee of CHF 10.00 will be charged for the immediate issue of the receipt. The printed receipt must be carried in the vehicle during the entire journey and presented at controls. On exit, the receipt must be filled in by hand with the exit mileage and signed by the driver.

Starting from how many vehicles can I use the Toll4Europe service?

Sales Partner

Regardless of whether the vehicle fleet (>3.5t) consists of one truck, twenty or hundreds, the Toll4Europe toll box is worthwhile as soon as regular cross-bordered journeys take place.

What is the difference between Toll4Europes solution and national toll solutions?

Sales Partner

  • Toll4Europe offers an interoperable service with only one OBU across many national borders.
  • The driver does not have to sign extra contracts in each country or equip his windscreen with many different toll boxes.
  • Toll4Europe offers a fully integrated service platform: many countries, thousands of regulations, millions of data, clearly aggregated and professionally prepared.
  • Billing for all toll areas is collected in one overview.
  • Sales partners and their customers always have access to their data and can process and update it.
  • Toll4Europe acts as a central switchboard and reliable contractual partner, whose EETS service covers all current requirements and regulations of the EU member states, their national authorities and toll operators.

How can I provide my customers with Toll4Europe EETS service?

Sales Partner

Once you are a contractual partner of Toll4Europe GmbH you will subsequently connect to the Toll4Europe platform as a service partner. This way you can easily add the Toll4Europe EETS service to your existing service offers. You keep your contractual relationship and the direct contact to your customers.

What are the financial benefits of the EETS service?

Sales Partner

Toll4Europe offers sales partners attractive remuneration models depending on fleet size and country coverage. We would be pleased to contact you personally.