For us, mobility means thinking across borders for unlimited freedom – with every kilometer, on every road, on every bridge and in every tunnel. To do this, we are breaking new ground. We are consistently improving existing systems, drawing strength from cooperation and pooling our expertise. We use digital intelligence for a smart service that connects Europe.

Using sophisticated technology and our toll box, the On Board Unit, we are creating a new age of seamless mobility. Geared towards your desires and requirements. Making your life easier and your business more efficient.

And we are constantly thinking about what more we can offer. Together with our partners, we are developing intelligent added value services and change how we get from A to B using digital innovations and telematic applications.

Together with you, we are taking our ideas onto the road. For your mobility of the future.


T-Systems Logo

T-Systems: Our partner for smart IT

Almost 2,000 satellites circle the earth and have become essential for many aspects of our modern life. T-Systems, the subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, has revolutionised toll collection with the introduction of the satellite toll. Undoubtedly a giant leap into the digital age.

T-Systems, an experienced ICT service provider and specialist for integration, provides Toll4Europe with all its expertise in route-based and usage-dependent toll collection. With many years of international experience, T-Systems combines the areas of IT and telecommunications for electronic toll collection.

Daimler Logo

Daimler Truck: Our partner for vehicle-related innovations

Daimler Truck is one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, with over 40 main locations and more than 100,000 employees around the globe. The founders of Daimler Truck invented the modern transportation industry with their trucks and buses a good 125 years ago. Unchanged to this day, the company’s aspirations are dedicated to one purpose: Daimler Truck works for all who keep the world moving.

Its customers enable people to be mobile and get goods to their destinations reliably, on time, and safely. Daimler Truck provides the technologies, products, and services for them to do so. This also applies to the transformation to CO2-neutral driving. The company is striving to make sustainable transport a success, with profound technological knowledge and a clear view of its customers’ needs.

DKV Logo

DKV: Our partner for intelligent services

Servicing ~356,000 active customers in more than 50 service countries across Europe with ~2,400 employees, DKV Mobility is the leading B2B platform for on-the-road payments and solutions with a history of purpose driven growth for ~90 years. They offer access to the largest energy-agnostic acceptance network in Europe, including ~66,000 conventional fuel service stations, ~651,000 public and semi-public EV charge points (as of 01/2024) and ~21,000 alternative fuel service stations.

Moreover, DKV Mobility is a leading provider of toll payment solutions in Europe, while also offering mobility solutions including vehicle services at ~32,000 vehicle service stations and innovative digital solutions.

Based on their financial solutions revenue, they are a leading VAT refund service provider. In 2022, DKV Mobility generated transaction volume of €17bn and revenue of €621m.

Their purpose is to drive the transition towards an efficient and sustainable future for mobility.

All data as of 12/2023, if not otherwise stated.

Shell Logo

Shell: Our partner for Europe-wide fleet management

Royal Dutch Shell contributes a century of know-how in the fields of energy and transport and over 30 years’ experience in the European tolling landscape. Business customers in more than 25 countries in Europe benefit from digital mobility services and fleet management solutions, provided by Shell Fleet Solutions.

With the "Shell Card" fuel card, professional drivers and fleet managers get access to a range of "on- and off-the-road” services, more than 44,000 Shell service stations and further partner service stations globally.

With its strong network of relationships with both customers and toll providers, Shell is a strong and professional partner in Toll4Europe – offering easy-to use, seamless solutions with improved sustainable value.

Toll4Europe Logo

With a unique combination of skills and cumulative intelligence for a smart service that connects Europe - Toll4Europe provides continuity and stability in the EETS market. We have taken up the challenge of integrating the existing complexity into one single system. The result? An intelligent all-in-one solution. The Europe-wide interoperable toll system links up numerous interfaces, IT systems and standards for communication and invoicing. Serving one goal: to provide you – our partners – with a sophisticated and well-thought-out service. That is efficient and user-friendly. And that makes it possible for everyone to experience mobility.


Do you manage cross-border transport and want a sustainable EETS solution? Then, Toll4Europe is your reliable partner for more freedom with a borderless European Electronic Toll Service (EETS):

  • Standardised invoicing: precise, professional, clearly summarised across all booked toll areas.
  • Reduced complexity: Toll4Europe combines diverse, country-specific requirements and statutory regulations and is therefore a link between toll collectors, sales partners and users subject to tolls.
  • Fully integrated service: Perfectly matched system components, networked IT and communication technology get things flowing on the road.
  • Smart added value: Toll4Europe combines innovative ideas and future-oriented mobility services with excellent customer service.
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